The Everyday Green Smoothie with Collagen

Before I share any health and wellness tips I always make sure that it is something I’ve tested on myself and that I firmly believe will make a difference in your life.

First, let’s talk collagen: it is the KEY to a beautiful life. Yes, collagen is something I live for…and you should too! I am all about prevention and I want to make sure to prevent(or reverse) any signs of aging. Research shows that collagen will help prevent those annoying wrinkles and fine lines, it will also help with your skins elasticity and improve your skins moisture. Also, who doesn’t want stronger hair and nails? Especially if you color your hair as often as I do and have an addiction to always having your nails done! I mean what woman would this not intrigue?


What does collagen do for you? 

1. Prevents signs of aging 
2. Increases skin moisture levels
3. Improves digestion
4. Strengthens hair & nails
5. Helps with cellulite 

I used to take collagen vitamins BUT they were really big and left a funny taste in my mouth…so I figured why not add an unflavored scoop into the green smoothie I drink everyday anyways?!


Green Smoothie Recipe

8 ounces – Raw Coconut Water
1 ea – Cucumber
1 ea – Avocado
2 cups – Spinach
1 T – Chia Seeds
1 T – Turmeric
Pinch – Cayenne & Himalayan Sea Salt
½ cup – Ice
Half (no rind) – Lemon
1 scoop- Collagen Powder


Moral of the story: if you want an easy, painless way to help improve your hair, nails, and skin- hop on the collagen train! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Ps. You do not have to use the same collagen powder I do but please please make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing because a lot of brands are full of fillers! Also, the powder may seem on the pricey side, but I promise it will last you a long time! Oh, and did I mention that 1 scoop has 11 grams of protein, it’s gluten-free, it is equivalent to two daily servings of greens, and has zero artificial sweeteners. Basically a no-brainer!

Vital Proteins: Collagen Beauty Greens