Hi Babes! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite stores that you may have seen me tag this past year on my Instagram. It is an international online brand called Storets. I feel like it is a hidden gem that I have been needing to share with you guys…I mean, If you like on-trend fashion that is also affordable then you need to add this brand to the top of your shopping list.

After my post last week wearing this adorable Eva Biker Mini Dress, I had a lot of you reach out and ask me where it was from. I’ve tagged their clothes a million times on my Instagram but I guess I haven’t taken the time to emphasize how much I really love this brand. So, I figured I might as well write a post and link this dress on my blog so that you can shop it through a direct link.

You’ll see big name bloggers like @somethingnavy, @blankitinerary , @thriftsandthreads , @littleblackboots, and @emily_luciano in their clothes. Even though today’s fashion icons wear this brand, it seems like they are still pretty under-the-radar….huge plus for me because I like owning things that are different that not everyone knows about.

So, on that note…make sure to check out this fast-fashion brand before all of your friends find it! I promise you will find budget-friendly, unique items to add to your wardrobe this fall.

Unfortunately, I can’t link the dress through RewardStyle but I’ve linked here: Eva Biker Mini Dress.