About Carleigh

Hello babes! 

What’s up! Welcome to The Carleigh Thomas fashion blog. My name is Carleigh, and I’m a Chicago-based blogger originally from Florida. I grew up on the south-east coast of the ~Sunshine State~ and stayed in Florida to pursue my college studies at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). I studied Broadcast Journalism / Production at UF. During my spare time in college, I worked at the local news station as an anchor. Fun fact about me: one of my favorite hobbies is producing mini-documentaries!

I started The Carleigh Thomas in late-November of 2016 as a creative outlet. This fashion blog documents my personal style, and I’m so happy to have you here along for the ride. Sharing my sense of style with my friends and followers is my biggest passion, period! 

As a recent college grad, I don’t have a huge budget to spend on my wardrobe… which I know most girls can relate to! That’s why my goal for The Carleigh Thomas is sharing with other women the idea that you don’t need to be wealthy to achieve a “high-end” look. I firmly believe that sophisticated, tasteful and jaw dropping ensembles can still be affordable. Self expression shouldn’t cost you, after all! 

Of course, I do enjoy splurging on a few items from time to time (I mean, a girl has to spoil herself every so often, which is something I love to touch on as well). Sharing what is “splurge-worthy” and what is not can be quite hard to choose, so I made this blog to help my peers in making those big wardrobe decisions. 

By the way… I get a lot of questions about my “blogger name,” and my decision to just go by my personal name. Interestingly enough, “Thomas” is my middle name. It’s a family name; it was my dad’s name, my grandfather’s name, etc…Growing up I hated the fact that I had a “boy” middle name. As time has gone on, however, I’ve grown to love my name and appreciate it for what it is. So, when creating my blog, I decided to stick to who I was and that is Carleigh Thomas. What you see is what you get with me.

TCT is a place for me to share different pieces life, personal style, simple recipes, beauty tips and much more. Basically, if I feel like I am inspired by something or if I find a good deal that benefits me, I want to share it with others!

Thanks for stopping by TCT. I look forward to chatting with you, answering questions or receiving any advice from my readers. Don’t be a stranger!